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Ultimate Multimeter Review

Find the Exceptional! Don’t settle for an average multimeter and make the smart investment. In this review we will explore the premier multimeters on the market, providing both in-depth looks into their key features as well as where to find the best deals online. If a small budget is not a problem, find a product that can do it all and do it well!

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Best Multimeters under100$

Need a budget multimeterFinding a multimeter while on a strict budget has never been easier! In this review we will discuss and compare the best of the bunch under 100 dollars. Don’t let limited resources hamper your multimeter experience, let us guide you in finding a product that will give you the best bang for your buck!

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Best AutomotiveMultimeters 

Understand what you need? The search for an automotive multimeter can be testing. Let us discuss the best products in this category, looking into their key functions as well as why they are the most suited to the automotive category. Don’t hesitate to find out what our top picks are and save yourself the pain of trying to wade through the online jungle alone!

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Our Top Picks in Each Catagory

Best All-Purpose Multimeter – Fluke 117

Fluke 117

The Complete All-rounder

Versatile, easy to use, and solidly built – the Fluke 117 has it all.  With True RMS and the ability to measure capacitance, frequency and voltage, this multimeter sets the bar extremely high.

Being the best all-round HVAC Multimeter is no mean feat and this is due to it being able to measure both the voltage lows of 0.001V, and up to a recorded range of 600mV. Thus this variety in precise measurement is what makes it so brilliantly suited to HVAC application.

Coming with a lifetime warranty and as stated before being relatively simple to use, means the Fluke 117 is well suited to any buyer who needs a quality Mulitmeter, reliable and safe for every situation.

Should you be looking for an all-round, hard-hitter that wont break your bank, please check out our in-depth review for a comprehensive look at this great product and of course the best deals online!

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Best Multimeter Under $100 – Amprobe AM-530

Amprobe AM-530

Top Quality on a Tight Budget

Multimeters, being the vital gadgets that they are, don’t often come cheap and when they do you have to be very careful that the quality is not sacrificed for a better price. Luckily the Amprobe AM-530 punches far above its weight and coming in as the best multimeter under $100 the word ‘bargain’ does it justice!

Packed with wonderful features like Auto-sensing, Non-contact voltage detection, data hold and much more; one wouldn’t be amiss at being shocked at its homely price.

Being the best budget multimeter means it has to cover all the bases and the AM-530 is more than meets the eye. With such a relatively small investment you’ll still be able to pinpoint voltage to aid repairs, locate blown fuses and troubleshoot your gear.

Should you be interested in this great budget mulitmeter please check out our comprehensive review below and best price on the web to boot!

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Best Automotive Multimeter – Fluke 116

Versatile, precise and extremely safe

Catering to the HVAC professional, the Fluke 116 is designed for reading temperature and microamp measurements. Fluke known for its outstanding quality has once again hit the nail on the head with this product.

Providing key features such as Low input impedance, Microamps designed to monitor Flame sensors and being ruggedly designed for single handed operation are just a few of what this highly tuned multimeter offers.

The Fluke 116,  with a plethora of functions, CAT III 600 V safety rated and being user friendly – means that its attractiveness to both professionals and home users make this product a winner on all fronts.

Should you be interested in this wonderful product please see our in-depth look at this multimeter and where to find the most competitive pricing below!

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What’s important when choosing a multimeter?



Among the most essential factors of these devices is the resolution. The resolution of a DMM is voiced by the number of digits it is able to display. Most units on the market are either 3.5 or 4.5-digit meters together with the selection of 1999 to 19999.Whether you’re a amateur or a professional, then you are going to require a device that has a great resolution to handle some of the more sensitive projects. The broader the range, the greater the payoff is — it is as simple as that, its that big a difference!


High Accuracy

A unit with a high accuracy tends to offer more precise readings. However, you’re not required to buy the most accurate one. Individuals often use this approach and purchase the one with the maximum accuracy, even though they may not require it.

It leads to overpaying a product using attributes you simply don’t need. So keep in mind what you need from your multimeter and then proceed with your purchase.


 Input Impedence

The input impedance is of specific importance for sensitive electronic equipment and control systems since the DMM has little to no effect on circuit operation when it features great input impedance. The old generation of analog meters has quite a low impact of approximately ten kilo-ohms that could  damage sensitive circuits and electronics.

 You can not afford to risk this with high tech materials such as phones, computers, and other gadgets, so use a device using higher impedance and avoid any problems and circuit breakdowns.


True RMS

A more sophisticated true-RMS meter can accurately quantify both pure waves along with also the more complicated nonsinusoidal waves. Waveforms can be distorted by nonlinear loads like variable speed drives or computers.

An averaging meter attempting to quantify twisted waves may be up to 40% low or 10% high in its calculations. Thus quality in this feature, when looking at multimeters, is a definite plus.

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